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First Table and American Express

In a New Zealand first, American Express is fully integrated across the First Table platform enabling its Card Members to easily identify American Express accepting restaurants, and snap up an earlybird dining deal.


The integration is a significant win for First Table diners and its partner restaurants - American Express cardholders are invariably the most affluent, premium spending diners that restaurateurs love to serve. They earn more, spend more and are more loyal to brands that welcome their card of choice

Restaurants will benefit by attracting more American Express Card Members while cardholders will now find American Express friendly restaurants quicker than ever.

The stats

23% of New Zealand American Express Card Members reported a household income of NZ$125,000 or more, relative to 12% of Non-Card Members.

72% of New Zealand American Express Card Members reported they are enrolled in a rewards or loyalty program with American Express, relative to 60% of Non-Card Members.

63% of New Zealand American Express Card Members reported spending an average of NZ$1,582 in a typical month on credit cards, relative to an average of NZ$1,008 by Non-Card Members.

To download more details on these stats click here

To see more details on the massive spending power of international Amex cardholders visiting NZ restaurants click here

Want to Know More?

To investigate accepting Amex at your restaurant contact their team at

Phone: 0800 800 855
Email :


To apply for a personal Amex card click here



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