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It’s easy to start earning Frequent Foodies Status Points. Once you’ve created your First Table account, you’re already on your way to unlocking an exclusive range of membership benefits.

Step one

Just join First Table and you’re all set! Frequent Foodies rewards you for dining out using the First Table platform.

Step two

By making First Table and Regular Table bookings you’ll automatically earn Status Points. But there are also many more ways to earn Status Points, such as leaving a review, referring a friend and winning review of the week! The more you do, the more you earn.


Step three

When you login to make a First Table or Regular Table booking, we'll let you know how many points you earned on your booking. We'll also email you when you get close to unlocking the next level, or when you level up and what benefits you now have access to!

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Join more than 1,300,000 diners who already ❤ First Table.


Join more than 1,700 restaurants who already ❤ First Table.

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