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What is Frequent Foodies™?

Frequent Foodies™ is First Table's loyalty programme that rewards you for using our restaurant discovery platform. Expand your culinary horizons and earn Status Points as you go, to unlock epic rewards, the kind fit for any foodie!

How do I join?

Membership is available to everyone and is automatically applied to your First Table account. Don’t have one yet? Sign up here, and start earning benefits and rewards!

What's the difference between Status Points and First Table credit?

Status Points are used to determine your applicable Frequent Foodies status level: Silver, Gold or Platinum. The more Status Points you earn, the more exclusive benefits you unlock.
First Table credit is a monetary amount that is added to your account when we reward members for doing reviews or referring a friend, for example.

How do I earn Status Points?

Status Points will be rewarded for certain actions, such as making bookings on the First Table website and referring friends. See the full list of actions below.


*The number of Status Points allocated to a specific action can be changed at any time.

When can I start earning points and benefits?

Once you’ve signed up to First Table, you’re ready to start earning Status Points and benefits! Status Points are awarded when you use the First Table platform, see the full list of actions below.


*The number of Status Points allocated to a specific action can changed at any time.

Do I get Status Points for my previous bookings?

Any bookings made prior to the launch of Frequent Foodies on 1 February 2023 will not be included in your points balance.

How do I know what status level I am in?

Simply log into your First Table account on the First Table website or First Table App, tap your profile icon, and select ‘Frequent Foodies’ on the list. Your status level and Status Points will appear here.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

You will not be rewarded with any Status Points.

What happens if I don’t show up to my booking?

Status Points will not be rewarded, no shows are not something we’re fond of.

How do I maintain my Gold or Platinum status level?

To maintain Gold you must earn 600 Status Points within the 365 days from the date you qualified as Gold status level. To maintain Platinum you must earn 1200 Status Points within the 365 days from the date you qualified as Platinum status level.

How many Status Points do I need to unlock each status level?

There are three status levels available to Frequent Foodies: Silver (unlocks at 10 Status Points), Gold (unlocks at 600 Status Points) and Platinum (unlocks at 1200 Status Points). 

When will I be able to unlock the next status level?

You will unlock the next status level as soon as you reach the required number of Status Points. 

When do my Status Points get added to my account?

Status Points will be added to your First Table account 7 days after your booking takes place (i.e. you dine at the restaurant). Status Points for reviews, referrals and Review of the Week winner, will be added as soon as the action required to earn the points is completed.

What is a benefit?

A benefit is any of the exclusive facilities, promotions, or services offered or available to a Frequent Foodies member as a result of their participation in the program.

What are the benefits I can earn?

With Frequent Foodies, you’ll unlock a range of exclusive benefits based on your status level: Silver, Gold or Platinum. From half-price breakfast and lunch bookings in Silver, to eighth day First Table availability in Gold and Platinum. Find the full list of benefits below.


Do my Status Points expire?

Each status level has a required number of Status Points you must meet within any 12 month period: Silver (unlocks at your first booking, or when you earn 10 Status Points), Gold (unlocks at 600 Status Points) and Platinum (unlocks at 1200 Status Points). The benefits of your new status level are valid for 12 months from the date you reach that status level. After that your points will begin to expire in monthly batches on a rolling 12 month basis – for example, all Status Points earned in October 2022 will expire in November 2023

Can I lose Status Points?

If you cancel a booking you will not be rewarded with any Status Points associated with that booking. 

Can I earn points and access benefits overseas?

Frequent Foodies is currently only available to New Zealand First Table customers.

Can I combine points from multiple accounts into one account?

If you have multiple First Table accounts under the same name, you may consolidate them into one account. Please contact our support team. Terms and conditions apply.

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What is First Table?

First Table is a restaurant discovery platform offering 50% off the first table at breakfast, lunch or dinner at our partner restaurants. It’s the perfect incentive for food lovers to try new and exciting restaurants while saving money by dining during off-peak times. Learn more about First Table here.

What is Regular Table?

Regular Table is a real-time restaurant booking platform, that allows you to make restaurant bookings for free, at any time, without the First Table offer. This means that if you missed the first table of the night, you can still make a normal reservation at the restaurant of your choosing and still earn Frequent Foodies Status Points. You can manage your reservations on the go via the First Table website and app, share bookings with friends, and add reservations to your calendar. Learn more about Regular Table here.


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