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First Table and The Chomp Food Safety App


First Table highly recommends the Chomp App for staying on top of your Food Control Plan.

About The Chomp App

Chomp allows you to stay on top of food safety compliance with intuitive and easy to use digital food safety tools.

Stress-free audits with Chomp’s Food Safety Management App

  • Complete audit reports are created at the press of a button
  • Food safety recording and management is simplified, saving paper, time and money
  • Easy to set up with customisable tasks

Peace of mind with Chomp Loggers automated refrigeration temperature monitoring: 

  • Automatic temperature monitoring and recording
  • Instant alerts when there is an issue
  • Integrates with the Chomp app

Less time doing tedious tasks, more time cooking.

Chomp is compliant with the New Zealand Food Safety Act and follows HACCP protocols.

Want to Know More?

To see how The Chomp App can revolutionise your Food Control Plan, simply click here.

Alternatively feel free to contact their team at: 


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