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New Zealand, Seafood
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33 Ardmore Street, Post Office Lane
Wanaka 9305


03 428 4140

An ode to New Zealand cuisine, Wanaka has welcomed this modern eatery with open arms. Where community and environmental welfare meet over ethically produced Kiwi plates, Ode is breathing new life in familiar classics.

Behind all their innovative concepts is a refined beauty. And it all starts in their minimalist monochrome dining room. Dramatic blackboards frame the action-packed exposed kitchen, informal tables occupy cosy corners and outside their patio affords stunning views of Wanaka's beautiful surrounds. And their plates follow suit; let's just say they wouldn't be out of place in an art gallery.

And though it might break your heart, these beauties are made to be eaten. Dive into a world of organic cuisine with their carefully considered menu that delicately showcases local produce from Wanaka and NZ. From the ocean comes the fish ceviche paired with Wanaka kohlrabi carpaccio and spear caught butterfish with Wanaka potato chips.

NZ's fertile land also lays claim to the most tender Fiordland venison, Motueka goat shoulder and venison backstrap. All meat is wild shot game from local hunters. Alongside veggies from Wanaka's backyard, these plates honour organic produce in all its fresh, delicious glory. So, what will your ode look like?

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