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Enjoy New Zealand and Grill & Barbeque cuisine at Brick Eatery in Monaco, Nelson & Tasman District
Brick Eatery
Brick Eatery
Brick Eatery
Brick Eatery
Brick Eatery
Brick Eatery
Brick Eatery
Brick Eatery


New Zealand, Grill & Barbeque
How to Find Us
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30 Quiet Woman Way, Monaco
Nelson 7011


03 547 0792

Open hours:

Mon - Fri: 10am - 9pm Sat: 9am - 10pm Sun: 9am - 5pm

Rolling back the clock to a simpler time, Brick Eatery takes diners to a more primitive form of cooking - by fire! The result? Meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes that boast an irresistible smoky depth.

Located in Nelson's suburb Monaco, Brick Eatery is less than 10 minutes from the city stretching out in its idyllic waterfront location. As Nelson is one of NZ's sunniest spots, Brick Eatery is making good and proper use of this with their restaurant and heated outdoor dining spaces. Painted in a beachy neutral palette with windows running along the whole circumference of the circular building, Brick Eatery is heaven for sun worshippers and anyone who wants to enjoy an outdoor/indoor dining experience. It's beachy, relaxed and ever so chic!

Diners are in for a real treat with Brick's ‘Taste of Fire’ menu. Changing regularly to accommodate for local and seasonal produce, the selections always manage to impart the magic of fire cooking with whatever ingredients are available. Right now, meat lovers will fall head over heels for the wild venison which is cooked to perfection whilst still preserving the integrity of this very special game.

For those who are hoping for fresh seafood, you're in luck. The charcoal fish imparts its smoky magic to the local catch and serves it with some punchy sides and sauces. If there's one thing Brick Eatery does brilliantly well, it's putting a new spin on the dishes and ingredients we know and love, and they're setting hearts on fire in the process!

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