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Frequent Foodies

Frequent Foodies™ all you need to know

January 2023

Frequent Foodies™ all you need to know
Robyn Columbus

Robyn Columbus

5 minute read

First Table's Frequent Foodies: all you need to know!

We're excited to announce Frequent Foodies our nationwide restaurant loyalty program that rewards First Table foodies for using our platform. Frequent Foodies is also our way to thank you for your support and encourage you to continue your culinary journey with us.

So, how does it work?

With Frequent Foodies, you earn Status Points every time you dine at one of our hundreds of diverse restaurants across the country and unlock exclusive rewards as you go. You simply have to be a member of First Table, attend your first booking (or earn 10 Status Points) and you're in.

How do you earn Status Points?

Earning Status Points is easy and points can be accumulated by making bookings via First Table, sharing First Table with friends and writing reviews of restaurants. Each of these actions earns you Frequent Foodie Status Points, which can be used to unlock benefits at three different status levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Here's a list of actions you can do on the First Table platform to maximise your points!

Status Points rewards


What are these awesome benefits I'm hearing about?

The benefits start from the moment you earn 10 Status Points. You'll then be moved into Silver status, and unlock $5 breakfast and lunch First Table booking fees. 

But that's just the beginning, as you earn more points and move up to the Gold and Platinum levels, more mouth-watering perks are revealed. We're talking perks like the ability to jump the queue and book a table at First Table restaurants a day before everyone else (did someone say VIP?)

At Gold status, you'll also receive alerts when new restaurants are launched and in Platinum you'll receive alerts when tables become available at your favourite restaurants. With more perks in the works, the rewards will just keep getting better.

Status level benefits


How do I check my Status Points?

Just log in to your First Table account and access your profile menu on the right hand side of the page. There you'll see your Frequent Foodies information, including Status Points, status level, and points required to move up to the next level!

Want to know more? Visit our Frequent Foodies welcome hub, and check out our FAQ's page.



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