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424 New North Rd Kingsland
Auckland 1021


09 846 4964

Calling all the cool citizens of Kingsland; there are cheery American eats to be devoured, spritely cocktails to be slurped and plenty of gossip to catch up on! Head to Citizen Park if you're interested in all of the above.

A city escape in the city centre, Citizen Park have that touch of magic that always keeps the cool kids coming back for more. A huge, communal dining room serves as an excellent spot to have a yarn with mates above the surrounding merry making. Where stand-up tables, picnic umbrellas, hanging greens and fairylights exist in perfect harmony, the energy here will probably inspire some questionable dancing into the early hours. Don't be surprised if you make some new mates in the process.

Now, no one does comfort food like the Americans and Citizen Park are bringing you the best bits. We're talking classic hot dawgs with sweet croquettes, oozing cheeseburgers and crispy southern fried chicken. More hand-held yums come in the form of south-of-the-border tacos, filled with anything from crumbed market fish to beef brisket and black bean chilli.

If you really want to use your cutlery, however, the slow-roasted ham hock is a meat-lover's dream... as is the Angus fillet with fries, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce for that matter! Just make sure you leave room for possibly the most American thing on the menu. Gather around the campfire kids for the lava cake smores. Hot, gooey marshmallow on the inside, crunchy biscuits on the outside, complete with a generous dollop of ice cream, we've died and gone to heaven. We'll be right back...

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