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Havana Bohemian Eatery

95 reviews


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18 Hamilton Street
Tauranga 3110


64 800 428 262

Revolutionising the dining experience, Havana designs your meal around you! All you have to do it choose between their succulent meats, fresh veggies and tasty sides. Shouldn't be too hard...

A laid back, fun-loving bar with a schmoozy Latin vibe, this is the perfect place to let your hair down after 'one of those days'. Relax in this little slice of tropical Cuba with a plate full of all the things you love then round things off with a jazzy cocktail! Now you're talking!

How does the menu work we hear you ask? Allow us to enlighten you. Simply follow their step-by-step guide and remember to have fun with it! To start, choose the main event; there's everything from jerk chicken to Caribbean fried fish and cauliflower and potato fritters. Then, smother it in your choice of sauce. Will it be chimichurri, buffalo or mojo sauce? You can always try them all!

Finally, crown your bespoke plate with some sides, like the roast veggie medley, island greens or smashed potatoes. Who knows, you might be the first and last person to ever eat that combo...EVER! Pretty cool right?!

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95 reviews

Havana Bohemian Eatery

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