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Malaysia’s cuisine is an exciting blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian & Nonya Cooking. Drawing on their multi-ethnic heritage, Malaysian cooks have developed unique variation on Asian favourites such as Malay satay, Chinese fried noodles and Indian curry puffs. But that’s only the beginning. You will also find unusual creation and savoury butter Prawns - a dish that cleverly blends spices and seasoning from all of Malaysia’s major ethnic groups.

Malaysian food is truly a melting pot of cultures and culinary styles. Take the Assam Curry Fish as an example. Curry spices from Indian traders, the Assam paste made from traditional Malay recipe, and the unique method of cooking that came from early Chinese inhabitants, combined together to form a delectable dish of extraordinary taste and smell. Its style is so complex and remarkable; it will not do just by merely labelling it as a Malay/Indian/Chinese delicacy.

Instead, it deserves a whole new category by itself, and that is Malaysian Cuisine.

Fully licensed & BYO wine.

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197 reviews

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