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Gymkhana Eatery & Bar

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Indian, Seafood, Vegetarian
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110 Ponsonby Road
Auckland 1011


09 361 5000

Inspired by the luxury and opulence of the elite clubs and residential mansions in Calcutta, Gymkhana is inviting you into the inner circle. All you have to do is wine, dine and recline in their glamorous chambers.

Split into two distinct floors, you will find the dining room at the bottom, resplendent with embroidered chairs, dramatic pillars to accommodate the high ceilings and shimmering chandeliers. Skip upstairs and you will find the bar. The epicentre of cocktail mastery and boozy leisure, the old-school leather sofas and classic decor give it that certain members club vibe.

Now that you're settled in - perhaps with your first cocktail in hand - let's look to the food. Savour the experience and order some starters to nibble on. From garlic and chilli scallops to the Calcutta fish fry and mixed platters, jaw-dropping flavour is at your very fingertips.

Moving on and the menu takes us around Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and China. From India comes their huge range of curries that include saagwalas, jalfrezis, kormas, vindaloos and many more with chicken, lamb, beef and seafood. Vegetarians are also invited to indulge in heart-warming dhals, masalas and squidgy paneer. And from China? That's where the Indo-Chinese dishes come in with Hakka noodles, vegetable Manchurian and chicken fried rice. Taste and decadence in abundance; they can't wait to meet their newest member.

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