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136 Hinemoa St Birkenhead
Auckland 0626


+64 9 480 0574

Inspired by food from Thailand's province, Isan, Thai Isaan's menu showers you (well, not literally) with sticky rice, spicy dishes and plenty of Asian beers; the preferred antidote to an inflamed tongue.

Inside it's welcoming and homey. It's not exactly spacious, but that just adds to the communal atmosphere that makes this friendly spot so unique. The best things in life are shared after all.

Share the love with some small plates to begin. On offer are some soft steamed buns filled with your choice of pork or chicken, prawn toast, BBQ prawn skewers and the intriguing curry puffs that might sound lethal but are actually filled with delicious minced chicken and potato.

Peruse their Isaan style menu that features fresh salads and a spicy pork ribs soup. There's also the classic Thai green and red curry as well as massaman and jungle curry. And you can never go wrong with the chef's special. The recommendations include the pork hock and a magnificent whole snapper - the whole shebang if you catch our drift...

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