Cuisine: Cafe, Italian, New Zealand
Price Point: Mains from $20 - $35+

An eatery by day and pizzeria by night; whichever time you choose to visit The Birdwood expect home-cooked food with a freshly blitzed smoothie on the side.

Inside it's cool as a cucumber and transitions effortlessly from daytime chill to lively evenings where the pizza throwers are flinging pizza bases every which way. Its minimalist interior is flooded with natural light, making this a peaceful spot with some serious zen factor.

If you're joining them for breakfast, there's something to please the ravenous, sweet tooths and calorie counters. The Birdwood breakfast is one for the big eaters and comes with free-range eggs, rarebit soldiers and an apple and rhubarb crumble. The corned beef hash is another hearty option while the vanilla waffles take a more sugary approach with berry compote, chocolate ganache and marshmallow. If you want something that's friendly to the waistline, smashed avocado or a fresh fruit granola should do the trick!

Dinner is all about Italian classics, unsurprisingly! Their fresh-out-of-the-pizza-oven pizzas come with popular toppings like Italiana, capricciosa, and pollo. More unconventional toppings are available too like the bacon and prawns, ham and chilli and octopus, squid and mussels. Choose from other meat and vegetarian dishes that'll comfort and excite and there are beers and wines to wash it all down with!


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The Birdwood Eatery & Pizzeria
76 Malcom Ave
Christchurch 8023

Open Hours:
Monday - Thursday 7am - 4pm // 4pm - 10pm
Friday - Sunday 7am - 4pm // 3pm - 10pm

Phone: (03) 332 3256

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The Birdwood Eatery & Pizzeria
Location: Beckenham
Cuisine: Cafe, Italian, New Zealand
Mains: $20 - $35+


Matt Read

Really great food and atmosphere. Local and gourmet vibe.


- dined at The Birdwood Eatery & Pizzeria on


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