Pizzeria Rosso Pomodoro Grey Lynn

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Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian
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356 Great North Rd
Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021


09 3606257

The perfect place to drop around for a quick bite, Pizzeria Rosso Pomodoro create a wide range of stone-fired pizzas; some you won't find anywhere else.

Super laid-back and informal, this pizza joint adopts a no-frills attitude where you can drip tomato sauce and hot cheese all over your brand-new white shirt and receive no raised eyebrows. Half the fun is watching the talented chefs spin their doughs from the exposed kitchen while you await your dinner.

Their pizza menu offers an abundance of choice, full of household favourites and other options for the adventure seekers. Classics take the circular form of the formaggi, hawaiian, pesto pollo and piccante with spicy salami. If you fancy something a bit different, the carbonara is essentially the ingredients of a spaghetti carbonara on pizza dough... unsurprisingly. The sorrento is a wickedly salty creation with anchovies, black olives and sundried tomatoes while the amore is an absolute meat feast with ham, salami, chicken and sausage.

Alternatively, ditch the tomato sauce with a pizza bianca. Choose from their BBQ inspired Americana, the cheesy Italia or the hearty teo that comes with potatoes, mushrooms and sausage. Ensure full foodie satisfaction and have some arancini balls or mozzarella bites on the side!

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8 reviews

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